Sunday, July 27, 2014

mini vacation

This past week Austin and I traveled to Savannah, Georgia and Charleston, South Carolina for a short vacation and get away.We had such a great time (even with our slight detour and some rain). I had taken my camera with us, but honestly between the heavy downpours and the heavy purse I ended up not taking it out much and therefore took no pictures on it. So sadly, the only photos I have from our trip are from my phone, but I'm kind of glad I enjoyed the moments with my handsome boyfriend instead of trying to take pictures.
(above): Austin and I decided to venture north, not entirely sure of where we wanted to end up, and on our little adventure we stopped in Georgetown, SC. I had my mind made up that it was going to be this quaint and adorable little town that we could get some lunch at maybe even do a little shopping. The only thing we found there was a rice museum, I kid you not. So when we ended up in this city for the second time that day, we decided to take these photos to commemorate our feelings for this town.

 (above): Best hotel EVER in Savannah :East Bay Inn. It was absolutely gorgeous and conveniently located to everything we wanted to do. I was sad when we had to leave that hotel- I would have totally lived there if I could have. 

(above): Wet Willys. Seriously love these daquari bars. Our city needs one!!!

(above): Names honoring those from the Savannah area that fought in World War II. The monument that was created is gorgeous and featured all the names of those who died during the war. The bricks surrounding it reminded me a lot of something we did home in Fort Lauderdale.

 (above): As we were leaving Charleston on our way home, I turned around before getting into the car and had this view. That city is absolutely gorgeous.

No, we didn't take Chloe with us (she stayed at my parents' place), but I was really happy when we got to pick her up on the way home!!! Love that fluffy pup!
xoxo, kel

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