Wednesday, October 26, 2016

autumn traditions

I'm pretty sure every October I get overly nostalgic and talk about how much I absolutely love autumn. Thanks to facebook memories, the nostalgia has grown and I started thinking about all the traditions I've slowly added to my autumn every year. 

 Every year pupkin carving has become a must. Even though every year I astound myself with my awful skills of carving (last year my creation ended up becoming a hole, because the design was so poorly carried out).  But I still like to pretend (and of course then bake the pumpkin seeds after)!
Speaking of pumpkins..... visiting pumpkin patches and picking out pumpkins is another favorite autumn activity. I don't know what it is, but pumpkins just make me happy!
 Last year I decided to make a list of everything pumpkin I tried (from coffee and cider to muffins and fro-yo).  This year though, I decided to stick with the basics--- and this pumpkin cider is my absolute favorite!
Even at school we've created a few traditions. We always have a Fall Festival (this year's post with fun pictures, found here). We also have a character parade (which I remember doing even when I was in elementary school--- ps I was the cutest Sister Bear EVER). This year I was Goldalicious (and our team was themed!!), last year I was Simile Girl (from a simile and metaphor video I had my kids watching all the time), and the year before that I was Amelia Bedeilia, because why not?!?!
And perhaps one of my all time favorite traditions is the beginning of football season. And thanks to the traditions of my amazing Roby family-- we make sure to travel to Auburn for the first home game each season. It's one of my favorite trips and I love going every year!

So what about you?? What are some of your favorite autumn traditions?????!!!
xoxox, kel

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

jacksonville strong

 For those of you that don't know, I live in Jacksonville. 
I've had my ups and downs with my city. It's even been a love/hate situation at some times. But at the heart of it- I love this city. I came here for college and since then my entire life has changed. My family is here. I found my puppy here. And I met the love of my life here.
I'm so glad that our city is strong and survived the awful hurricane.
I'm also glad that there are so many beautiful places for me to go and snap pictures.....

xoxoxo, kel

Monday, October 17, 2016

it's fall y'all

 This past weekend our school had our annual Fall Festival. It's just one more thing that reminds me of how great Fall is. Granted in Florida's October is still 80 degrees outside, so it's hard to feel like it's Fall at times, but being surrounded by all things Halloween does help.
Seriously- Fall is the best.