Saturday, May 26, 2018

the whole royal wedding thing...

Let me first go ahead and say that I am a total nerd when it comes to anything Britain, so when Prince Harry announced his engagement I was all over it. 

Flash forward a few months and my momma-in-law and sister-in- law and I began planning for a Royal Tea Reception (ha- did you get that... Royalty.... ROYAL TEA). Yea, I love how cute we are too!

So last weekend was the big day. And honestly, there is no other reason I would ever get up at 5:30 am on a Saturday except for a Royal Wedding. Our Tea Shop also decided to host our special event honoring it. So. Much. Fun. 
I seriously love this job! (It might have something to also do with who I work with!) 

Just a few photos of the day (in between serving tables and such)!

What did you do for the BIG day?!


Thursday, May 17, 2018


May 5th, also known in my household (and to anyone that knows me) Cinco de Kellie was also Cinco de Derby this year as well. 
Last year I went all out for my 30th, but this year was exactly the opposite. I wanted low key and personal. (Plus I'm one of those people that LOVE my birthday, so the more days I can celebrate, the better). I'm also one of those people that as soon as it strikes midnight I scream "It's my birthday!!" (I may also be channeling my inner Lilly from How I Met Your Mother......)

 My kiddos (and parents) spoiled me this year. It was a great start to my day!

 Austin and I both had to work on my actual birthday, so we weren't able to actually celebrate on Saturday. But Friday night we went out together for a date night, just us. We had Middle Eastern food followed by macaroons at a French place for dessert. Talk about amazing. 

 Saturday Morning before I had to head off to work though, my amazing hubby made me breakfast in bed (the pups were just a tad jealous).

My actual birthday night I went to dinner with some close and amazing friends and my parents. Since we couldn't go out with Austin, we went to his work for dessert. (And maybe also for the AMAZING bread pudding!) 
Sunday after church we went to lunch with the in-laws to celebrate and got to try out this new Southern Bistro. 

All in all, 31 started off amazingly. Hopefully the rest of the year will follow suit!!!

my niece's graduation photos

I can barely believe my nephew is in college (remember when I took his graduation photos?), but now I'm posting the photos I took of my niece. How are they growing up so fast?????

Faith definitely is rocking this pixie cut and a gorgeous cinderella (as I call it) prom dress (which is amazing since for awhile if it wasn't black, she wouldn't wear it).

I love this kid and I'm so proud to share some photos of the gorgeous woman she's becoming!!!

xoxo, kel

Saturday, May 5, 2018

song #2// Everything Now

This song (and band) are amazing. And something about the music in one part reminds me weirdly of the  Rains Down in Africa song, which Kristen Bell and Dax Shepard totally rocked by the way. 
Yea, don't judge.....

And also, how is it MAY (and my birthday) and yet I have only done one other song for my 2018 soundtrack? I need to up my game.