Saturday, June 1, 2019

A 3 month goal

There have been so many times when I've heard a great quote, read an amazing line in a book, or listened to a fantastic song lyric and I wanted to bottle it up and keep it close for future. (I've always been a fan of quotes, oddly enough). So when January rolled around and I wanted to make some goals- I remembered one of the goals I put on my 30 in my 30's goal list, which was to do 30 days of something. 

I am literally that awful with staying with a project that I limited it to 30 days. And made it a goal. And then gave myself a decade to complete it. HOWEVER I ended up going three months with this goal! So take that 29 year old self! 

It turned out to be a lot of fun mixing media types trying to create awesome index card backgrounds (although I may have gotten ahead of myself and now have a ton left over). 

I also tried to really listen to the world around me for those three months-- people around me, books I was reading, songs I was listening to, tv shows I was watching- listening for wisdom or humor.  And I found A LOT. 

So even though I didn't get through a whole year of it, I was pleased getting through what I did. The best part was I didn't even feel annoyed with myself for quitting when I did. (Trust me, that's one for the win column!)