Thursday, May 29, 2014

happy things

One of my birthday goals was to write down at least one thing a week that makes me happy. And already I have failed.... 
So I decided to make up for it here and now and also make it a new blog feature. Short and sweet. And a great reminder of the great things in life.
So it's been 4 weeks since my birthday.... so here are 4 things that make me ridiculously happy:

1. my pup. 
 I love her so much. She always puts a smile on my face, especially when she cuddles with me!
(photo by Shannon- meowflowerart)

2. photo shoots. 
 Whether I am behind the camera or in front of it, I just love the creativity that comes with them.
iphone photo by sarah!

3. my friends. 
 While I am fortunate enough to have many great friends, these certain three have gotten my through some pretty hard/stressful/bleh times as of late. They've also made me remember to laugh. 
various iphone photos

4. my momma
 She is always, always there for me. And I love her more than I could ever really put into words (although I did try here).
photo by me (at my mommas wedding a few years ago)

Until next week......

links, links, links

Photo of Chloe by my good friend, Shannon!!

Sooooo many gorgeous shoes!!

I knew I kept my cd cases around for a reason!! And these are great ones!

This etsy shop has the cutest prints!

This photo makes me want to travel.

Things to avoid doing if you want to be truly happy. Interesting read/list. 

I am in love with this table top DIY. It's a must for this summer! And this one. Oh, and these too! And these too of course!

This print is one of the cutest ever!!! I want it for my classroom.

I want to live/travel in this bus!! Like now!

I'm not sure what it is about this photo, but I just adore it- it's so dreamy.

These clock ideas are genius!!!

Make candles out of crayons??Saweet!

Beer cupcakes???? YES- sign me up!

I want every single one of these pillows.

I need to make this mini book right away! It's too cute not too.

Call me a dork, but I love organizing and making lists, so this notepad is right up my alley!

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

a baseball maternity photo session

 My friend Eric and his beautiful girlfriend, Helen just recently found out they are having a baby and asked me to take the announcement photos. I absolutely loved working with them and how these photos turned out. Since the daddy-to-be, Eric, is a huge Phillies fan, they decided to stick with Phillies and baseball as a theme. Since I've never done a maternity session like this, I was really excited about what we could do with it.
 Isn't she gorgeous? I love her shirt too- just perfect. And they are so adorable together!!
 Thanks again Eric and Helen for letting me capture this amazing time in your lives and for being so fun and easy to work with!!!!!!
xoxoxo, kellie

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a maternity photoshoot

My beautiful friend Lisa let me have the honor of taking her maternity pictures. Since her husband is currently deployed, I felt like this time was even more special and we wanted to make sure he was involved as well. Her step-son Jack did an awesome job of coming up with cute ideas and stuck in there with us! A lot of the photos involve helicopters, this is because Lisa's husband is works in the Navy on helicopters, so it was one simple, yet brilliant way of including daddy-to-be.
Here are some of her gorgeous baby bump pictures.

 The above photo almost had me in tears. Jack put all their initials in sand (S+L = J and M = family). M= the new baby, Mason. I loved how he already was so excited for Mason to join their family.

 Thanks again Lisa and Jack, for letting me be a part of your special time!!!
xoxoxo, kel

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

days in may

 I love May. It's one of the most perfect months. 
Flowers and sunshine. 
Tea dates and photo shoots.
 Cuddles and tattoos.
 Keep being awesome May!!!
xoxoxoxo kel

Sunday, May 18, 2014

27 before 28

Making goals....and lists, because that's what I do....

My 27 before 28 list:

1. Grow a garden (done)
2. Read 28 books (done) 
3. Start doing photo sessions for money (done)
4. Get a new tattoo (done...2)
5. Pay off debt
6. Write down at least 1 thing a week that makes me happy
7. Take Chloe to the beach (for a festival- still need to get her on the sand)
8. Make a jewelry wall hanger (done)
9. Write a book (or start one at least)
10. Visit a new place (AUBURN!! Finally)
11. Find a church home (think so!)
12. Have a Kentucky Derby party (done) 
13. Finish the gallery wall in my bedroom (done) 
14. Learn how to teach Singapore math
15. Get over past anger (yup!!)
16. Work on my handwriting and writing in different fonts (still not perfect, but better)
17. Have photos taken of me for my "about me" page here on the blog (thanks shannon!)
18. Get a haircut (done)
19. Blog at least one DIY post (a couple) 
20. Have a tea date with my mom (a few) 
21. Make a blogging schedule and stick to it
22. Take more photos with my instax camera
23. Finish my 26 before 27 list... (eh a couple items) 
24. Make more craft gifts than store bought gifts (trying) 
25. Continue/keep up with my journaling everyday challenge
26. Make a trip to see Leigh (yup!!!)
27. Enjoy every moment (YES)

Here are some of my previous ones... (from my previous blog of course):
26 before 27
25 before 26
24 before 25

Monday, May 12, 2014

happy birthday to the best mom in the world!!!!

Tomorrow is my wonderful momma's birthday!! 
And since Sunday was Mother's Day, I felt like there was no better time to brag about her in a post. 
This woman is the most amazing woman ever.
I have learned so much from her (with or without her knowing it...haha). She loves with a full heart and constantly goes out of her way for others. Every time I have ever needed her, she's gone above and beyond what I need or want. She has given up so much just to ensure my well being and happiness and has never once complained. She has truly taught me what true love looks like, and I am the person I am because of her. I feel honestly blessed having her as a mom and if one day I am even half the wonderful momma she has been to me, I will feel lucky. 
 So thank you momma, for going through agonizing child birth to have me, staying up late with my crying self, introducing me to The Beatles (and other wonderful music), making sure I always felt loved, still buying me groceries (even though I'm an adult), spoiling me (even when I don't deserve it), taking off time from work to help me set up my classroom, hugging me when I'm sad, threatening to beat up that jerk that made me cry, dropping me off (even when I've had a car to drive myself), introducing me to HGTV, forgiving me for my mistakes, lending me money when I was afraid to ask, raising me in the faith, giving without hesitation, loving my friends, texting me every morning to tell me you love me, continuously inspiring me and reminding me of who I am, raising me with dogs, being my best friend, and all the other big and little things. You are the most amazing person, my best friend, and inspiration. I love you so very much. 
Happy birthday!!!!!