Sunday, May 18, 2014

27 before 28

Making goals....and lists, because that's what I do....

My 27 before 28 list:

1. Grow a garden (done)
2. Read 28 books (done) 
3. Start doing photo sessions for money (done)
4. Get a new tattoo (done...2)
5. Pay off debt
6. Write down at least 1 thing a week that makes me happy
7. Take Chloe to the beach (for a festival- still need to get her on the sand)
8. Make a jewelry wall hanger (done)
9. Write a book (or start one at least)
10. Visit a new place (AUBURN!! Finally)
11. Find a church home (think so!)
12. Have a Kentucky Derby party (done) 
13. Finish the gallery wall in my bedroom (done) 
14. Learn how to teach Singapore math
15. Get over past anger (yup!!)
16. Work on my handwriting and writing in different fonts (still not perfect, but better)
17. Have photos taken of me for my "about me" page here on the blog (thanks shannon!)
18. Get a haircut (done)
19. Blog at least one DIY post (a couple) 
20. Have a tea date with my mom (a few) 
21. Make a blogging schedule and stick to it
22. Take more photos with my instax camera
23. Finish my 26 before 27 list... (eh a couple items) 
24. Make more craft gifts than store bought gifts (trying) 
25. Continue/keep up with my journaling everyday challenge
26. Make a trip to see Leigh (yup!!!)
27. Enjoy every moment (YES)

Here are some of my previous ones... (from my previous blog of course):
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