Friday, July 28, 2017

links, links, links// v.26 (school edition)

I can't believe it, but it is almost time for we teachers to head back to work (although I kinda already am between meetings and trainings that I've been going to). So I compiled a list of some awesome things that hopefully will get you ready to tackle the new school year (it did for me anyway)!

These thought provoking posters are pretty awesome. My goal for the upcoming year is to have a bunch of them! The whole classroom they are from is pretty awesome actually. 

I'm praying that the whole fidget spinner craze is gone by the time summer is over, but just in case--- this stem project devoted to them might be a good idea.

This door decor is awesome and giving me all kinds of ideas for the theme I want for this year (traveling and how reading can take you to new places).

It costs a few bucks, but this interactive grammar and language notebook looks amazing! May have to get it this year.

While it's a bit too advanced for my kiddos, I do love this novel study idea. Maybe at the end of the year?

I'm really liking the idea of a coffee table in the library, like on this post. Another idea for next year, perhaps?!?

72 creative ways to get kids to show what they know!

FREE motivational posters for the classroom!

This FREE parent/teacher conference form is the absolute cutest (mixed with shabby chic).

Our school has really gotten into Responsive Classroom, so these academic choice bingo boards fit right in with what I hope to add into my classroom this year!

You'll have to spend a couple bucks, but I think these comprehension starter questions for independent/partner reading might just be worth it!

I've been looking for a way in include standard trackers into my students' interactive notebooks and this is an amazing way! I already edited it for our math unit 1!!!! (I'm geeking out, can you tell?)

I really want this print for my room! And ps, it's FREE!

A grammar "tab" interactive notebook for suffixes and prefixes! This looks like so much fun!

Thursday, July 27, 2017

song #8 There's Nothing Holdin' Me Back

Another summer favorite of mine!!! I seriously cannot get enough of this song!

xo, kel

our first anniversary trip (photo heavy)

 Since Chattanooga is a pretty far drive for us and the route took us through Atlanta, we decided to stop at The Varsity downtown. I had no clue about this place, since it was my first time in the city, but Austin suggested it and I am so glad he did. Such great food (with awesome views). 

I found out later that my grandfather (mom's dad) use to visit this place all the time when he attended Georgia Tech. I never knew my grandfather (he died 2 years or so before I was born) so having this place to "share" was really an amazing experience!
 Our hotel, The Read House, was absolutely gorgeous! It looked like it was out of the 1920's. Of course the first night we were there, we came back from dinner and heard a ghost tour going on. Austin and I refused to look up anything until we left, but the last night we (okay, really it was me) caved and looked up the haunted stories. Turns out our floor (the 4th floor) was haunted, as is the room 311 (where Al Capone once stayed while awaiting federal trial). 
 As we toured downtown, we noticed a lot of decorated and art decor in alleys. Turns out there was a competition.... and this one above was also one of the winners. We didn't find/explore any others but this one. 

The second day (first full day) we were there, we decided to go up to Lookout Mountain by way of the incline train. The photo of me above is from the top, where you can see 7 states!!!! I still can't get over the impressive views. 
 Okay, so you can't really tell here, but if you look straight up (middle of the photo) to where the mountain meets the horizon, you can see a building. That's where the cable car for the incline train takes you. It looks awesome until you notice the almost straight upward incline it makes at the very end. I'm not going to lie, it was intense.
 The views from the incline train as it takes you up are pretty breath taking. Of course, nothing beats the views from the top......

Later in the day (after my legs stopped feeling like jelly) we headed over to Ruby Falls. The whole experience in those caves were incredible. 

Then, because we still hadn't done enough in our day, we went to the Tennessee Aquarium.  This place is huge!!! There's a massive building for river animals and then another for ocean animals. Of course my phone died and my camera battery was also on it's last leg, so I didn't get as many photos as I wanted. However, Austin and I took the time just to enjoy being out of the heat and seeing all the amazing animals. I have to admit, one thing I love about us as a couple (and especially as a partner in Austin) is that we love doing tours and learning. Even on our honeymoon we tried to do the same thing. We are such nerds (and I absolutely love that)!!!
 This is a horrible photo of me, but I had to capture it. So as soon as I walked into the butterfly area, one landed right on my shoulder. I wasn't entirely sure how to get it off either, so it just stayed there and hung out for awhile. 
 These above photos are really the best in honor of shark week (one of my favorites)!!!

The little sea creature above is now one of my favorites. It's called a sea walnut and it is by far one of the coolest organisms I have ever seen. You can see the entire organism (inside and out) and it lights up rainbow colors as well. I can't explain it in great enough detail, so just go visit the link and see all about it for yourself (you can thank me later).

A friend of mine suggested this amazing coffee house, Rembrandt's. It was seriously amazing- the coffee, the food- everything. I wanted to go back every single day (so we went back twice).

 #jeeplife baby
 Our last full day we went to Rock City. Of course silly me not only didn't bring my camera but I also wore sandals. How do I always manage to wear sandals on the days we walk the most??!?! So be forewarned, if you plan to go to Rock City, yes it has shops, but it is mainly trails. Wear sneakers (ha!)

 The swinging bridge above is one of the scariest things I've ever done. This is probably in part to the dad in front of me walking on the outside of the planks instead of the middle..... if I could've turned back I might have....
Such an amazing trip! I loved every minute of it!!!
So now we're trying to figure out where to go next year!!!!! Any suggestions??

xoxo, kel