Saturday, August 12, 2017

song #13 - Suit & Tie

Okay all, I promise this is the last wedding song (for now.....) ha!

At first, I had really wanted this song to be our first dance, however; Austin was able to change my mind. 
Instead, he ended up serenading me at our wedding with this song!  It was perfect. 

When Austin and I first started dating he would play this song when we were with friends (they are the "let's take out our instruments and randomly play" kind of awesome crew). I think I might have fallen hard for him that night because of him singing this song (and he killed it). So when he surprised me and sang this to me at our wedding, I melted. 

xoxoxox, kel

song #12 - Fire and the Flood

I would like to promise that this is my last wedding song....but I doubt it will be. I started down this nostolgic train and I don't think I'm getting off any time soon, ha!
So this song.... Austin and I thought of a few songs for our first dance (and I honestly believed we had picked the song numerous times) but eventually we realized this song was just too perfect for us and our relationship. 
I really loved having fun dancing to it (although I wish I had known how long it is.... that is a long ass time to dance in front of 100 of your closest friends and family members).

xo, kel

song #11- Moth's Wings

Picking a song for after the wedding as our exit song to was not as easy to pick as the others were. I wanted something that was happy and fun (and honestly because Austin and I both love Passion Pit so much, I wanted one of their songs to be incorporated into the wedding). I searched the internet for ideas and while I had originally thought of this being the one I walked down the aisle towards Austin to, I switched things up. I felt like it was the perfect exit song. 
It also slightly reminds me of my dad, so being able to incorporate him into the wedding as much as possible was awesome. 
It also still makes me smile. I really hope that never goes away.

xo, kel

song #10 - Cutty Love

Another wedding song from last year!!! I think because our anniversary was a couple of weeks ago I've been especially nostalgic.
So this song.... first of all I love Milo Greene. They are definitely one of my favorite bands.  However a couple of years ago my best friend was getting married and I started day dreaming about the day Austin and I might possibly get married (of course he hadn't even proposed yet...). When I heard this song, I immediately knew. If Austin and I were to get married, this was the song I needed to walk down the aisle to. 
So I did.

xo, kel

song #9 - You and Me

This probably should've been a part of last year's soundtrack (except I didn't make one...oops). However, every time I hear it I am catapulted back to our wedding day. This was the song that we decided Austin and our wedding party would walk down to the aisle to. It's so perfect in regards to mine and Austin's relationship (plus Pink rocks)!!

xo, kel

Friday, August 11, 2017

back to it

So the beginning of school is finally here. And while the students don't start back until Monday, I've been back in the thick of things for awhile. I've been doing a lot of trainings this summer (and learned a lot) but I wasn't able to get into my class until last week. A part of me wishes I had done more at home this past summer, but it is what it is now.

So how is it going?!?! Well, if the picture above tells you anything, its going a bit slowly. Luckily my mom showed up for about 8 hours today!!! She's seriously amazing. 

I think that I forget how much goes into making a classroom every year. It's totally worth it, but I seem to always be in a slight panic about getting everything done in time. 

But I'm excited for a new year! (I also have been missing my past kiddos-- so glad that some of them visited me today though!!) 

Happy new school year to all my fellow teachers (and the kiddos out there)!!! I hope its all our best yet!

xoxo, kel