Thursday, June 26, 2014

gallery wall // birthday goal

 One of my birthday goals was to complete my gallery wall in my bedroom. Since then, I have been  looking for some awesome pieces I could put up on my white walls. For the most part, I'm pretty happy about how it's come along. I only have one more DIY project for the shelf (which won't be art piece) and then I'm completely finished!! 
I also plan on sharing about each piece, since some of them are from local artists and others are DIY items I decided to make.
Stay tuned......

xoxoxoxoxo, kel

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

a photoshoot // baby brantley

Baby #2 of the summer... Baby Brantley. My good friend Jen has not only let me take pictures of her first born Keagan, but also let me take maternity pictures for her second baby! Baby Brantley was born only weeks after our friend Lisa delivered baby Mason! Suffice to say, I've been trying to get in some baby time this summer. 
So here are some of my favorites of Brantley and his family.

xoxoxo, kel

Thursday, June 19, 2014

a photo shoot// baby mason

My good friend Lisa just had a baby boy a month ago and I got her to let me take maternity pictures (which you can see here) and newborn baby photos (below). He is absolutely adorable!! And just like our maternity session, this one is also themed for the Navy, since his dad is currently deployed and hasn't been able to meet little Mason yet. Lisa has done an amazing job on her own though, even while taking care of her step son too. She's pretty phenomenal and I'm lucky to have her as a friend!

So here is adorable baby Mason!!!!!

 xoxoxo, kel

Monday, June 16, 2014

links, links, links!!

I just found this blog and I love it!! Plus, she just got married and the pictures are gorgeous!!

This new phone app looks absolutely amazing!! Can't wait to buy it.

Pretty much in love with everything in this online shop!

Celebrities reading mean tweets about word: hysterical!And there are seven volumes of them!!! Thank you Jimmy Kimmel!

This lady's post and pictures from her trip to Costa Rica makes me want to go asap!

 The most gorgeous candlestick diy!

I'm really enjoying reading this (new to me) blog.

Temporary tattoos, that are actually adorable!!!  These are too!

I just finished this book for the book club I'm in and this part is definitely my favorite. I haven't laughed so hard while reading in a long time!

Saturday, June 7, 2014

happy things

 Week 5: My boyfriend
I am so extremely thankful for this guy. He is thoughtful, supportive, caring, giving, and my best friend. I adore him and I am truly blessed knowing him.

Friday, June 6, 2014

art walk with meowflower art !!!!

 One awesome thing about our city is that we have an art walk downtown every first Wednesday of the month. This past Wednesday my very good friend Shannon (the creator of Meowflower) decided to sell her art. It was definitely a lot of fun and a great learning experience. We even made it onto two local websites (904 happy hour and Buzz)!
 above: Shannon signing her gorgeous prints

 above and below: Shannon's art work on display

 above: our groupie!

 above: my dancing friends

 Until next time.......kel