Monday, April 24, 2017

bible journaling

I'm completely new for this whole bible journaling thing, however, I'm really enjoying it. The bible I had was a gift at my confirmation..... fifteen years ago. So I figured maybe I should get a new bible... a grown up bible. A friend of mine told me about some awesome blogs, like this one and the idea of bible journaling started to sound appealing. I love reading the bible and I love art journaling, so why not combine the two?? 
Now granted, I'm not very good and I'm still learning techniques and what my personal style is. BUT I am really loving experimenting and trying to find my own style in between the pages of God's word. There's almost a perfect harmony in knowing that the words of the Lord that created me are also home to the creativity he bestowed upon me. 

Part of me has hesitated on sharing these, because I don't like to share things that I don't feel completely confident in. I don't feel like these pages are anywhere near perfect. I've been enjoying working with paints, but my lettering kind of sucks. But practice makes perfect.... so they say. 
xoxo, kel

Thursday, April 20, 2017

song #3-- Beauty and the Beast

A month or so ago I went with my family to see the new Beauty in the Beast (yes, I know like everyone else out there). And holy cow was it amazing!!!!! Everything was perfect, including Emma Watson's singing voice (who knew the girl could sing like that?!?!) 
This is probably one of my favorite songs from the movie and even more so because I love John Legend!!