Monday, January 8, 2018

links, links, links// vol. 30

This tiny house in Austin is awesome! And this one in Oregon is pretty sweet too.

These 31 tiny home interiors are incredible. I really want all of them.

This tiny home is amazing!!! Plus I love the fact that the bedroom isn't a loft (where the head room is barely there)!

I am in love with this bedroom decor! Especially the side tables!!!

I love and need this shirt in my closet!!!

This tattoo. It's perfection.

These art prints (and the artist) are incredible!!

After checking out this book, I now want to drop everything and plan all of these trips!!

An interesting read about interpreting dreams.

OMGEEEE this site is amazing for all you online shoppers. Download for free and then whenever you go to your cart to checkout it automatically applies any coupons/discounts there may be. I saved $30+ at modcloth!!!!

So I snagged this list of 100 notable books from 2017 (which I can't wait to read more of) from this awesome blogger and her list of links!!

J. Crew Factory is having an incredible sale right now (just use code: OVERTHEMOON). I'm so excited for my wool skirt to come in!!!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hello (2018), Goodbye (2017)

First of all, I don't know why but thinking of saying goodbye to the past year (and hello to the new one) makes me think of this Beatle song. (I'm a nerd and I don't care!)

So I guess also a hello to the beginning of 2018 Soundtrack!!!

I also can't believe that I went through the entire month of December without blogging. Not once. I have to say that teaching took a lot of me... finding the time to do anything else was a bit hard. However, over the Winter Break I've had a lot more time (and still haven't posted). I'm going blame getting sick for over a week and working at my mother in law's shop.

Speaking of..... before the break I was working at my MIL's shop every Saturday (in the boutique section). However since she has been a little short staffed over the winter holiday, I've been doing more back of house (restaurant and serving). I honestly love it. Usually over my breaks I get super bored and then super lazy and then I get a little depressed. Working at the shop has been fun though (and I've gotten so many fun ideas). I can't wait to organize more and help with the online parts of the store/tea room. I honestly love this place. (Of course I go back to just Saturdays after tomorrow).

Well, I'm headed back to my puppies and husband for now.
Thank you for those of you that have stayed around (even with my much delayed absence). I'm hoping that I will be more present here this year.  So many creative goals going on in my head right now!! I can't wait to share!!


2017 soundtrack

I can't believe it's already 2018. Last year totally flew by. 

I figured I would put together a list (because I love lists way too much) of the songs I shared/fell in love with from 2017.

Here we go...

So here's to 2018 and a brand new soundtrack!!!