Saturday, February 3, 2018


Last week my family pup, Aubre passed away. If you're anything thing like us, then you know how a pet can quickly become a valued member of the family. In fact my mom and step dad often referred to her as "my sister", although it was mostly because they knew I detested being called that. 
Little Aubre was a surprise find one Thanksgiving weekend. My friend Michael and I stumbled upon her and instantly fell in love. he nudged me to tell my mom and before we knew it, we were making pro and con lists for if we should get her. Of course, in the end we ended up tossing the list and going with our gut (which was to get her...duh, right). I remember our long drive home with her from Pensacola to Coral Springs (12 hours by the way). She was such a good pup. 

When I got to college, she lived with my mom (and then step dad) while I had my own place (including the dorms). She and I had an unbreakable bond though. She got excited every time she heard my name called and I loved trying to dogsit on weekends. 

The last year or so her health started failing, and being just short of 16 we knew her time was coming soon. However, when a loved one actually passes, it's never easy. not even when it's expected. Not even when it's "just a dog". 

She wasn't always the easiest dog, nor was she the most well behaved. But we loved her in spite of it. Especially my parents. She was my step dad's buddy, my mom's cuddle bud. 
We'll miss you little Aubs. And we'll love you forever. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

before the beginning

He has made everything beautiful in its time. He has also set eternity in the human heart; yet no one can fathom what God has done from beginning to end.- Ecclesiastes 3:11  

One of the hardest things to do is be patient. Especially for something we really, really want.
Ever since I was little I've been in love with the idea of love. Of finding my other, my lobster. And of course, like almost every other girl (or boy) out there I went through a lot of wrong ones before the right one happened. There were so many times I doubted that I would ever get married, that I would ever find the one I would/could spend my life with. Heck, even when I did find him, I doubted that he could possibly love or want me enough to spend forever with me. 

But as always, God's timing is perfect. 

Six years ago this week I met Austin. The crazy part of the story is that neither one of us remembered this meeting until a mutual friend (who reintroduced us two years later) said something. He and I went with a giant group of friends on a ski trip, including the guy  I was also dating  at the time (which is why he said he didn't really talk to me during the trip (I thought he was just being a jerk)). 

The other day we were talking about how crazy it was that we had met (and then forgot). I told him that part of me was sad about it- that I wish I had broken up with the jerk I was with and then I could have been with him even sooner. He disagreed. He had just gotten out of a relationship and wasn't in any way ready for a new one at that point in time. So fast forward two years later, we are now both single and both in the perfect place to start dating each other. 
God knew. 
I would love to say that I had been patient in knowing God would deliver. That somehow I knew His timing was perfect and He was just waiting for the right one and the right time. But we all know that would be the biggest lie. I wasn't patient. There were so many times I cried myself to sleep because I didn't think I would ever be loved by someone enough for them to want to be my husband. 

Reliving moments like this one though, where I struggled to trust in God's timing, but it was more perfectly planned than I could have dreamed.... it helps. It has reminded me that I still need to have that trust, faith, and patience with other things in my life. Sometimes a no from God isn't a forever no, it's just a not right now. 
And dang, am I glad it wasn't a "right then" answer to prayer. Austin and I met at the perfect time. We were able to create and grow a relationship that could last. We couldn't of had that if we had tried earlier. 

Thank you Lord, for your timing and this lesson. 
xo, kel

Monday, January 8, 2018

links, links, links// vol. 30

This tiny house in Austin is awesome! And this one in Oregon is pretty sweet too.

These 31 tiny home interiors are incredible. I really want all of them.

This tiny home is amazing!!! Plus I love the fact that the bedroom isn't a loft (where the head room is barely there)!

I am in love with this bedroom decor! Especially the side tables!!!

I love and need this shirt in my closet!!!

This tattoo. It's perfection.

These art prints (and the artist) are incredible!!

After checking out this book, I now want to drop everything and plan all of these trips!!

An interesting read about interpreting dreams.

OMGEEEE this site is amazing for all you online shoppers. Download for free and then whenever you go to your cart to checkout it automatically applies any coupons/discounts there may be. I saved $30+ at modcloth!!!!

So I snagged this list of 100 notable books from 2017 (which I can't wait to read more of) from this awesome blogger and her list of links!!

J. Crew Factory is having an incredible sale right now (just use code: OVERTHEMOON). I'm so excited for my wool skirt to come in!!!

Thursday, January 4, 2018

Hello (2018), Goodbye (2017)

First of all, I don't know why but thinking of saying goodbye to the past year (and hello to the new one) makes me think of this Beatle song. (I'm a nerd and I don't care!)

So I guess also a hello to the beginning of 2018 Soundtrack!!!

I also can't believe that I went through the entire month of December without blogging. Not once. I have to say that teaching took a lot of me... finding the time to do anything else was a bit hard. However, over the Winter Break I've had a lot more time (and still haven't posted). I'm going blame getting sick for over a week and working at my mother in law's shop.

Speaking of..... before the break I was working at my MIL's shop every Saturday (in the boutique section). However since she has been a little short staffed over the winter holiday, I've been doing more back of house (restaurant and serving). I honestly love it. Usually over my breaks I get super bored and then super lazy and then I get a little depressed. Working at the shop has been fun though (and I've gotten so many fun ideas). I can't wait to organize more and help with the online parts of the store/tea room. I honestly love this place. (Of course I go back to just Saturdays after tomorrow).

Well, I'm headed back to my puppies and husband for now.
Thank you for those of you that have stayed around (even with my much delayed absence). I'm hoping that I will be more present here this year.  So many creative goals going on in my head right now!! I can't wait to share!!


2017 soundtrack

I can't believe it's already 2018. Last year totally flew by. 

I figured I would put together a list (because I love lists way too much) of the songs I shared/fell in love with from 2017.

Here we go...

So here's to 2018 and a brand new soundtrack!!!

Monday, November 27, 2017

song #20 Cocaine by Eric Clapton

So two things pretty much some up my day.....
1- Prince Harry got engaged 
2- This sums it up...... only not at all.


thanksgiving and WAR EAGLE!

Somehow I managed to celebrate yet another Thanksgiving without taking a single photo. I blame it on having fun with family and not having my phone attached to me (for once!!!).

Thanksgiving has always been a special holiday to me- although sometimes a bit bittersweet. But it has always been the holiday where I am able to spend time with family (Christmas is usually just me and Austin and then me and my parents when he goes off to work). But Thanksgiving? It's a time to be surrounded by loved ones. And while it use to mean traveling to see out of town family, the past two years we've stayed home.

Then of course Saturday after is always the BIG game (Auburn/Bama- in case you couldn't tell from the pups above picture). And this year....we WON! WAR EAGLE friends!!!!

Suffice to say, I have a lot to be thankful for!

Thank you long weekend for me to recoup.
Thank you Auburn for an amazing win.
Thank you family for the love and support you always give.
Thank you friends for spending 8 hours at a bar with me to watch my game.
Thanks husband for always making sure I know you love me.
Thanks pups for modeling for me--- and the cuddles.

And thank you!!! For reading my blog. I am appreciative of you and I should totally say it more!!

love, kel