Thursday, November 16, 2017

links, links, links //vol. 29

I'm pretty much in love with these decorated pumpkins!

20 Harry Potter Tattoo Ideas....yes!

An ombre rainbow table setup for Thanksgiving. Loving it!!!

This office is amazing!!! It takes barn doors to the next level.

I love the kitchen in this house. My dream home definitely would have a kitchen that opens up onto the deck like this!  This one is pretty dreamy too.

OMGGGG I absolutely love this camper. May I move in now?

This small camper renovation is pretty awesome.

I'm also pretty in love with this home. I think it's all the yellows!

I REEALLY want to take this online it's hosted at your own pace, by a Harvard professor and it's free!

The cold weather is finally here and while I'm usually not a soup person, this one looks absolutely delicious!  This one too!

I decided that instead of doing a yearly birthday goal list, I would do one for my 30's. Ten years to accomplish 30 they have to be kinda big right? Well one thing I put on my list was a 30 day challenge of something. This art index card challenge may be just the perfect thing!

Monday, November 6, 2017

song #18// No Roots

I recently discovered this song and I cannot stop listening to it. I think its the beat that makes it a current favorite. 
<3  kel

Sunday, October 29, 2017

that whole black and white photo challenge.....

I'm sure that you've probably heard of/seen/been a part of the black and white photo challenge on instagram and facebook. And yes, I obviously took part (I was nominated, it was like I had too....) 
But seriously, I really did enjoy it and it got me thinking about the whole photography thing. For a long time I had wanted to make photography my second career (and I don't know, maybe I still do a bit). BUT it has been forever since I took a photo not on my phone and not for our school fall festival. So basically, I'm just not doing what I love and sometimes I wonder- is it because I've given up, or because I'm too busy, or have I just given up the idea that I'm good at this? I would love to make photography something that I can give my full attention to, learn more about, get better at, and then make a business. However, I think I'm at a loss of how/where to get tips and training. 
I don't want to spend a ton of money.... in fact a part of me even thinks that if I don't have it - I just don't have it. This would also explain the whole me giving up on it altogether.
 One of the habits that I hate the most about myself is that if I don't excel at something pretty soon off the bat, I tend to give up somewhat quickly. (Yea- awesome idea right? NOT). 
          Anyway- tips for how to better my skillz (or lack there of) would be much appreciated! 

xoxoxoxo, kel

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

reading shelf

Just about every time I read a book, I seem to find that a million more have been added to my want to read list. (But really, is that a bad problem to have?)
Currently these are the books that I am either reading, just finished, or want to read in the near future. 

1. Before We Were Yours. A tragic story based on real events (which I never knew about!!). The heartbreaking tale is centered around 5 siblings that get kidnapped and put into the Tennessee Orphanage in the 1930's. Their story shares the abuse and unfair adoption process (most kids already had parents and had just been taken from them) that one woman disgustingly got away with for 30 years. I know it sounds awful, but honestly it was a well told and heartwrenching book that I would recommend in a heart beat. 

2. The House I Loved. I read a book of hers previously and loved it (although a completely different subject- it was based during WWII).  This book is based in the 1800's in Paris and is about a woman who is forced to give up her house (along with many other families) to create a more "upscale" Paris. I'm still in the midst of reading it, so I'm note entirely sure how I feel about it.....

3. Everything is Illuminated. Another story based around WWII. I haven't read it yet, but I did already check it out from the library. 

4. The Tudors. Yea, I have a problem. Between WWII and Tudor history, I feel like the biggest nerd (and proud of it). It's an extremely long book, but very detailed about the Tudor reign. It's note told in chronological order though, which bothers me a bit.

5. Happier At Home. Another book on my to read list. I bought it for under $3 on kindle a while back and cannot wait to dive in. I really love this author's previous work, so I'm hoping I feel the same for this one.

6. Maus. Our newest book club pick. It's a graphic novel, which I will admit, I have never tried to read before. It centers around WWII (yup, another one) and poses the mice as the Jews and the cats as the nazis. Should be an interesting one. And there is a sequel....

Saturday, October 7, 2017

song #17// Where Is The Love?

So 14 years later and I still feel like this song is so accurate, which also makes me a bit sad. 

Let's be real y'all. This world is insane and sometimes I feel like it's only getting worse. 

When this song came on in my car today, I turned it way up and started belting the words (glad you weren't there, I know). But seriously, where is the love? I don't understand hate. Anger, yes. But hate? Especially for races or people you've never met? Why hold on to that? Love is so much more freeing and sometimes I don't understand why people can't just try. 

One of my favorite quotes is from MLK, Jr. "Hate doesn't drive out hate, only love can do that". 

I don't know about you, but I'm going to keep trying to find the positive in everything, to hug my loved ones a little harder and longer, and love more. 
xo, kel

Monday, September 18, 2017

song #16- The Man

Austin has been singing this song and I have to say, it's one song that I don't mind now being stuck in my head. 
Love this new song by them!!!!

Saturday, September 16, 2017

links, links, links// v.28

(above photo from our anniversary trip back in July to Chattanooga. such an amazing trip!!!)

This blog is really inspirational. Check out her instagram too!

This blog inspiration post is definitely jam packed of inspiration!

I can't believe I just found out about this....this site allows you to look up CW shows by episode and check out outfits of main actors to get their "look"!  (Don't judge me for the show I was looking at- I just started watching (okay binge watching) Hart of Dixie.)

This art print is very me. NEED IT!

Yea, I'm pretty much in love with this cottage in the Bahamas!

An agate chandelier??? Yes please!

In case you haven't figured it out, I am a huge Harry Potter fan, so these behind the scenes from the movie series are some of my favorite things!

I'm in love with this giant list of craft projects from this amazing blogger!

This clutch is sooo stinking cute!

I wish I could be this creative!! Seriously, this woman inspires me so much!

Talk about creative... these awesome designs created by brush pen of different cities is just amazing!

A friend of mine and I went to John Crist's comedy show tonight. He is seriously hilarious! And his shop has some great things that I need in my life.... like the bumper stickers that promote marathons I can get behind (13.1 hours of binge watching Netflix).