Tuesday, July 24, 2018

2 years of marriage

This past Sunday Austin and I celebrated two years of being married. Two Years. Time seems to have flown by, because I swear we just had our ceremony like a few months ago.....

Our wedding day is still, hands down, one of the best days of my life. I remember sitting at our dinner table, looking around thinking "So many people that I love all in one room together... my heart could burst!"

Flash forward two years and here we are.... one dog more, different jobs (well for me anyway), a new car (for him) and still living a good life.

Marriage isn't easy (they say).
The first year is the hardest (they say).
The second year is actually the hardest (they say).

And yea... if I'm honest I don't know who *they* are either. But I swear these are things people constantly tell you (right, I mean, you've heard them too, right?!?).

But if I'm being 100% honest, no, marriage isn't easy (good things never are). I've had to learn how to put someone else first. How to make my wants way below his needs. But even still, it hasn't been hard. I married my best friend
 and I feel that when things have gotten difficult, we've talked through it and worked on it together. And that's what makes this relationship of ours so great.

As for the first or the second year being the hardest... eh. They've both been great. I hope they all are. Although, I do find it fun to respond to the  "How's married life?" question with "Well, we haven't killed each other yet." Of course, Austin isn't a fan of me saying this, but I feel like it gets the point across. We're good. We're still alive. We still have our humor.

So where did we celebrate this year???? Disney of course (the same as our honeymoon). And if you know us, yes this is Disney trip #339392 for us, but really who is counting (not us!!!)!
Here's to many more my love!! (Oh, and I will forever love the above photo, because we had just gotten poured on in the Africa part of Animal Kingdom, so we danced and sang "Africa" and then headed to the bar fro drinks.) WIN!

xo, kel