Sunday, September 27, 2015

song #11// Indescribable

This came on my ipod tonight (yup that's right I said ipod- I played it old school today). Not to play puns with the song title, but listening to this song filled me with some kind of indescribable feeling of love and God's power. It also is one of my favorite Chris Tomlin songs. 
Hope you enjoy.

Friday, September 18, 2015

links, links, links v.18

This list of unintentional funny book titles. 

Leighton Meester is selling some of her things on ebay for an amazing cause. Here's why.

This tattoo and the reasoning behind it. So sweet.

This surfboard is pretty darn awesome.

I love these home decor ideas using branches.

Ok. I am absolutely in love with this dress.  

Handmade from reclaimed material bookshelf. Adore it.

When his owner gets mad at him, this dog turns on the apologetic charm. And it's the cutest thing ever.

1000 FREE prints - from your phone to your mailbox. And you have a year to use them up. Just use code "kstapleton8". Awesome sauce.

A new (to me) blog that I'm currently obsessing over.

Remember this oldish football commercial? It's still one of my all time favorites!

Monday, September 14, 2015

song #10// Wedding Bell Blues

Ever since I was little I have been in love with this song. Part of it is that I love oldies (thanks Mom and Dad) and part of it is that the song is so cute and catchy. Oh yea, and there was that episode of Designing Women where Charlene was getting married to Bill (who I thought was soooo dreamy) and she sang this song the night before the nuptials. 
Then, this summer I was rewatching Gilmore Girls (because that's how awesome I am) and they played this song in an episode. So of course I had to put those 5 minutes of the show on repeat and belt out the song every single time. Because why not?
What's a bit ironic, is that since I was little I've wanted a Bill that I could sing this too..... good thing it's short for William I guess.  **wink wink***

song #9// Uptown Funk

Okay, okay if you've been to a wedding, a party, or even just turned on a radio once and awhile you know this song. In fact, you're probably sick of this song. BUT last year the dance team I co-coach used this song for one of their dances and we're using it again this year for try outs. And guess what? Even after hearing it about 20 times a day, I still love it. It still makes me want to dance. And I absolutely love Bruno Mars (which isn't even his real name, by the way). 
So with all that being said, I couldn't not add this song to my soundtrack list!

Thursday, September 10, 2015

asheville, nc

So, like my last post said, Austin and I went to Asheville this past weekend for my friend's awesome wedding. The city is absolutely amazing, with so much to do. 
We spent the day after the wedding with my friend Brian driving along the Blue Ridge Highway and hiking a bit. We got some amazing views and photos and just like the Floridians we are, we hiked in our flip flops. 

The day before the wedding Austin and I joined some of our new friends and visited the Biltmore Estate, gardens, and winery. It literally look over an hour to tour the house and I feel like we barely saw even half the rooms. And that library!!!!! I think I would be okay living there..... just sayin'
Cannot wait to go back!!!!

my best friend's wedding

One of my best friends got married this past weekend in gorgeous Asheville. It was the most perfect wedding- the weather, the flowers, the food, the company, the stay, the dancing, everything. Unfortunately I forgot my camera, but I did manage to take some phone photos (in between all the fun and maid of honor duties.....)
austin and i 
austin and chocolate chip the lama!

 my church/high school group of friends that could make the wedding

all us bridesmaids

photobooth glasses i might have stolen for awhile that night.....

 i know, another cutesy couple photo...

a selfie of the bride and i

one of the best moments...signing the marriage certificate

so much fun! i'm just sad it's over.