Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Home is where the heart is

This past weekend I went home and what’s funny is as I was telling someone I was going “home” I realized that word actually means a couple of places for me.

Home is Jacksonville. Where I currently live with my husband and fur babies. Where my parents and in laws live. Where I bought my first home. Where I went to college. Where I began (and paused) my professional career. Where I met, dated, and then married my husband. Where I know so many amazing people I get to call friends. 

Home is also South Florida. Where I grew up. Where I had some of my most amazing years. Where I spent the last days with my dad. Where I still have great friends. 

Home is also Pensacola. Where I was born and spent the first few years of my life. Where I spent a majority of my thanksgivings. Where I have so many friends that are more like family. 

Home is Alabama. Where my parents, sister, husband, and in laws lived and are from. Where my parents met (and my story began). Where my aunts, uncle, and cousins live. Where I spent more of my many thanksgivings. Where we visit (just not frequently enough). 

So I guess what they say is true, Home is where the heart is. And for me, my heart has been left with a lot of people in a lot of places. These places are also where I hold so many memories, sweet and bittersweet. 

I use to think you couldn’t cal mutlplie places “home”, but why? Why can’t I have numerous homes? 

Xo, kel

Friday, March 22, 2019

Road trip snacking

I’m not  entirely sure what it is about road trips, or heck even a two and a half hour drive to Disney, but knowing I’m going to be car bound for multiple hours makes both the fat and kid versions of myself come out in full force.
I had every intention of just grabbing a drink and small snack when I went into the store today. And somehow I ended up with enough snack food for a small outing of fat children.
That’s right y’all.... I got water 
And coke
And combos
And mini chocolate donuts. 
Because somehow I thought I would starve in the four and a half hour trek to south Florida. 

Please tell me I’m not the only one that is plagued by this brief lapse of judgement and insanity. 

And please divulge your fat kid food?


Monday, March 11, 2019

about that hiatus

Another hiatus. I know, how annoying. I use to not understand why bloggers would just out of no where stop posting. I got use to reading their posts and then suddenly, bam! Vanished. I always hoped that wouldn't be me, but let's be honest--I've done it too often.

It's not that I don't like blogging. Or even that I have nothing to say (trust me, if we knew each other in real life, you would KNOW I always have something to say). My lack of blogging has been because of two things...

1. It just takes so much time to sit down and write. (Which is the lamest excuse ever!)

2. Christmas. (And yes, I am well aware that it is currently mid- March). When Austin and I finally set up the computer, we decided the best place was the living room. However, since there isn't a whole lot of extra room, when it came time for the Christmas tree to go up, it was my computer that got the boot. So now it's in the bedroom. And while that may not sound so awful, I miss being able to multitask. I'd often put on the tv and edit pictures or write a blog post (or peruse Amazon). My band account is happy that last one took a time out.

But I've decided to be more intentional about writing. After all, if I want to one day write a book, I guess I do need to get use to sitting down and typing.

So until next time, I'll leave you with this photo of Luna and Chloe, living their best dog lives on an unmade bed (hey look Mom- proof that I was doing laundry)!!!!
xo- kel