Thursday, May 29, 2014

happy things

One of my birthday goals was to write down at least one thing a week that makes me happy. And already I have failed.... 
So I decided to make up for it here and now and also make it a new blog feature. Short and sweet. And a great reminder of the great things in life.
So it's been 4 weeks since my birthday.... so here are 4 things that make me ridiculously happy:

1. my pup. 
 I love her so much. She always puts a smile on my face, especially when she cuddles with me!
(photo by Shannon- meowflowerart)

2. photo shoots. 
 Whether I am behind the camera or in front of it, I just love the creativity that comes with them.
iphone photo by sarah!

3. my friends. 
 While I am fortunate enough to have many great friends, these certain three have gotten my through some pretty hard/stressful/bleh times as of late. They've also made me remember to laugh. 
various iphone photos

4. my momma
 She is always, always there for me. And I love her more than I could ever really put into words (although I did try here).
photo by me (at my mommas wedding a few years ago)

Until next week......


  1. Very nice post. It's important to always remind ourselves of what truly makes us happy in our lives especially when there seems to be nothing but bad things going on around us. There is ALWAYS a silver lining. :)

  2. You must blog at times I don't... I never see your posts! :( I'll just have to check more frequently. I love you too btw!