Friday, July 11, 2014

DIY// art for gallery wall// piece three

The last DIY art piece for my gallery wall... I changed m mind several times about what picture to use, but after using A Beautiful Mess app, Instagram, and Foxgram to order my print, I decided to use this one posted above. (See Kelly and Alexis, I love yall!!!)

Supplies needed:
black construction paper
white paint
frame (big enough for piece of construction paper)
sponge brush
double sided tape (not pictured)

 Step 1: Cut out the sheet of construction paper to a size that will fit the frame. I used the paper that comes in the frame to help make this easier.

 Step 2: Use the sponge brush to make the circles on the sheet of paper. I made about 2 circles per dip of paint, creating some perfect circles and some distressed looking ones. At first I made a pattern, but as I went on I decided I wanted more of an imperfect look, so I scattered the circles more and more.

Step 3: Either frame your paper as is, or use double sided tape to adhere the photo of your choice.
Below is what my art looked like before I decided what picture I wanted to add....
The end. Easy peasy!!! 
xoxoxo, kel

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