Wednesday, July 2, 2014

gallery wall // sharing art

 When deciding on what to put on my gallery wall, I decided that I wanted mostly black and white (prints, frames, etc.). However, I also wanted some pops of color against the white walls and in the mix of all the black and white art. I also wanted the pieces to be mainly DIY or created by local artists. I'm pretty happy with what came about..... I decided to post the DIY pieces on their own, so for now, I'm just sharing the art I've bought and pictures of friends and family.
The above 3 photos are works of art from my friend Shannon, a/k/a mewoflower. She also has the prints for sale in color too.....just sayin'......

 Rosie the Riveter- because what girl doesn't love this print? I've had it for a long time, though so it's sadly not in the best condition.

  The above 2 photos are by a local artist, Sammy. He was painting at a show my friends were attending and I fell in love with his work. He uses multiple mediums and bright colors. 

 The "coffee" art I bought at Target. Simple, but very me.
The other photos are instagram photos and gifted frames from friends. The top pink picture is of me and my friend Nicole at her birthday. The black frame is of two of my awesome girlfriends, Shannon and Sarah, and the bottom pink frame is of my and Austin on our trip to Colorado this past Spring Break.

I love this photo (and frame). It's of my grandmother and was a gift one year from my mom. 

Who doesn't love photobooths, right? But these photobooth pictures are extremely special to me because of the friends in them. I love these people so much and this year has been all the better because they have come into my life! I wasn't sure how to include them in my gallery wall, so I just used some simple washi tape so that it wouldn't draw any attention away from us and our silly props and crazy faces. 

My friend Leigh bought me this art piece awhile back and I absolutely love it. The art work is by Elsie Larson and is one of my favorite pieces she's ever done. Kinda fits me to a T.

This picture frame was the first thing I hung up on my wall (oh so many years ago). The photo to the far left was given to me by an amazing blogger, Jamie. She lives by the motto "create adventures, live inspired" and I love it so much that I hung it up to try and live by it as well.
The middle picture is me and my mom on my 21st birthday.
The last picture is of my girlfriends, Sarah, Jen (and her baby Keagan), and Erica from a couple of years ago.

xoxoxoxo, kel

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