Thursday, July 3, 2014

DIY// art for gallery wall// piece one

The pinterest addict that I am, I came across some awesome art that seemed easy enough to do myself. However, this one really stood out to me, maybe because I could personalize it or maybe because I just love glitter.... But I tried my hand at it and I'm overall happy with how it turned out (planned or accidental imperfections and all)!! (If you'd rather just buy one- a nicer version on canvas, she also sells her version).

So here's my step-by step version.... enjoy!

Supplies needed: 
mod podge
a map/atlas/print out of the state you want to use
thick paper (I used water color paper, but you could always use chipboard,etc.)
clip board

Step 1: Cut out the state you want to use.

Step 2:Apply a layer of mod podge and then sprinkle the glitter generously. I went section by section to make sure that the mod podge didn't dry up on me.

 Step 3 (not pictured): Painting the background. I used water color paper, because I wanted a thicker paper to paint and mount. I could have used tape to make sure my lines were perfect, but instead I wanted uneven lines- imperfection. I started with thick black lines and then painted thinner yellow ones underneath. I picked these colors because they went with my theme, and they also aren't too bold, taking away from the glittered state.

Step 4: Let dry and then hang up on a clipboard to display.
xoxoxoxo, kel

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