Saturday, July 12, 2014

DIY// mirror and light garland

 One of the first things I wanted up in my room were curtains. My bedroom (along with my entire place...) doesn't get a lot of sunlight, so I decided to go with a white shear look. This look also helped make it a bit more feminine as well; however, when we hung the curtains we ran into a slight problem, they were too long. Now, I realize that I could have hemmed them, but I decided to go with a different look....  I like how hanging the curtains higher makes the room look taller, so we raised the curtains to about a foot above the top of the doors. Then came another little problem... because the curtains were so shear, you could see the giant space between where the curtains started and where the top of the door was. To me it looked tacky.
 I remembered seeing this cute little concoction on pinterest and thought I would try some way of making my own version and including it in this space to de-tacky it.

 Supplies needed:
-strings of white lights (I had to use 2)
-extension cord (if necessary, it was for me)
-permanent glue (there are some for metals, I just used tacky glue)
-mirror pieces (I bought 4 packs of 2 different sizes from JoAnn's craft store)
-crafting wire

I honestly feel like there might be an easier and more direct way of doing this project than how I went about it, but here is what I did.... 

First, I cut out about a foot of craft wire at a time. (I did this for a couple reasons, 1- it kept the long line of mirrors from getting tangled and 2- it was easier to string up). 

For the second step,   I glued 2 mirror pieces of the same size on either side of the craft wire. (Seen below). Spacing of the mirrors depends on how many mirrors you buy. Since I didn't want to spend a ton of money on this, I spaced the smaller mirrors maybe an inch apart and the larger mirrors closer to 3 inches apart.
 Step three: After each foot of wire was finished, I would twist it around the white light cord. Each end of the craft wire I would secure in place. I continued this step until both strands were covered. 

Then just twist the lights and mirrors around the curtain rod and you're all done! As easy as that.

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  1. That's really cool! I could see putting that up in my stepdaughter's room. :)