Friday, November 15, 2019

a year of habits

I'm totally that girl that loves to-do lists and trying to be organized.  (I say trying, because I feel like on a weekly basis I still find myself losing something.) 

In the last several weeks I've been bombarded with thoughts and then songs or podcasts or books that all have one thing in common: goal setting.  And so I began to wonder..... maybe I should do something about/with this.

Ali Edwards has a "one word" project every year, where she picks a word, like a theme, for her year. I did this several years back, but sadly only that one time. My word was "magical" and as it turns out, it was a magical year (it was the year Austin and I got engaged). 
I happened upon a podcast that featured Ali and she mentioned that a previous word for her was "habit".  This stuck with me, more and more so when other podcasts or books I was reading started mentioning habits and goal setting.  Let me mention here, I love goal setting. I've made birthday year goals for myself through most of my 20's and now 30's.  This year I have been making monthly goals and trying to keep track (although most of them are about how many books I want to read). I am a goal oriented person. 

But it was then that a sort of light-bulb switching on moment happened.

2019-2020 will be a year of  "habits" for me. And yes, a year. Instead of starting in January, I plan to start in December of this year. My main reasoning is that the season of Advent really is the beginning of things, so shouldn't it also be the beginning of this journey?  So from December to December I plan on making habit forming choices.  

Of course, since I'm super left-brained, this means that I have already started planning out how I intend for this to work. 

So why am I blogging about it?
Honestly, I want this to be a place where I can look back on my journey. 
A part of the challenge also includes me writing more, so why not start here and now. 
I also want to encourage other people to join me on this challenge. You can tweak it to make it more for you, but the point is that things are better with company.  Plus, I know I'll be asking for advice or books on related subjects throughout the way. 
So please join me. 
I've split up the challenge into several parts. So whether you do the whole thing with me, or just parts of it- I'd love the company! Just let me know you're following so we can encourage each other along.

More details to come!
Xo, kel

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