Tuesday, November 19, 2019

a year of habits/ designing

The left side of my brain is definitely working overtime right now trying to figure out how I want to keep track and reflect on this year of habit making.  So I created a few examples on the computer and a few by hand (which are totally messy because I can't draw a straight line to save my life but I also hate using rulers).  
But in case any of you were trying to figure out a way to keep track this year, I figured I would share what I made (ps I can email to anyone that wants a copy so you can edit it yourself)  and also some awesome things I found (yay pinterest)!
The above one is meant to be colored in as you accomplish each goal. I was inspired by this etsy example (but wanted it in my handwriting). 

For the above version, it was a rough edit for me to plan out dates and how everything would align.  I've also been writing down little habits that I want to try and when I finished this rough draft planning sheet, I grouped the goals by section and wrote them on a post it note. This way, I could visually see how many goals I had for faith, or relationships, etc. (Can you tell I'm a visual person/learner??)
So the above example is from the Christian Planner. It's a great way to track your habits if you don't want to go through making a notebook or journal. It's simple, yet efficient. And like I mentioned in the last post, you can always print out the pdf version for free!!! 

OK, so the other ones I found online....
If you are a bullet journal person, you might like/appreciate the simplicity of these trackers. 

I also liked this version (the link is to my pinterest because in order to see the original, you do have to create a login for the site, FYI) 

This tracker insert is from etsy and is less than $5! 

It also just hit me that I start this challenge in 12 days!! 
xo, kel

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