Monday, August 1, 2016

Gilmore Girls

If you're a Gilmore Girl fanatic like I am, then you are probably also counting down the days until the new episodes come to Netflix (116).

I mentioned before that I was trying to rewatch all the seasons before the newest came out.... I kinda finished way early (hoping that it would be coming out in June...oh well). So along the way I made some lists (because I'm a dorky list maker and I'm not afraid to admit it)!! So in honor of the Gilmore Girls return, I decided to post some of those lists here to share the fun and maybe even answer some of those questions we've all had (like how many jobs Kirk had or how many maids Emily really had throughout the years....). 

In rewatching (for the millionth time and also as an almost 30 year old and not high schooler) I noticed that a lot of things I thought or felt about the show changed too. I use to idolize Lorelai, wish I was Rory, and dislike Emily and her craziness. I also was on Team Logan and Team Christopher. 

So now that I'm 29 how has it all changed? I realized that Lorelai (as awesome as she is) also is very self involved and is still really just a kid herself sometimes. She thinks that she knows best, when sometimes she really should just accept advice. And Rory- how did I not notice how annoying she could be??? 
As for my Teams... well nothing could change me from being Team Logan (although older and more mature Jess is pretty awesome, but he reminds me too much of an ex that put me through nope). 
And somehow, I changed my mind about being Team Christopher (somewhere my mom us shaking her head at me and my friend Kelly probably wants to high five me or say "I told you so"). Yes folks, I am now a Team Luke girl. 
As for Emily.... that damn broad is amazing. Yes she can be a bitch, but she has her moments and some of the best come backs (she is related to Lorelai after all). 

If you didn't realize what a dork I was will now. So prepare yourselves!!


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  1. I love this! I wanted to rewatch the series again too but I have not done so yet. I really need to make more time to watch it! As of right now, I'm Team Jess & Team Luke. I mean, did like Logan but there is just something about Rori & Jess as a couple that I really like. :)