Tuesday, August 2, 2016

our wedding// getting ready

I know everyone said that our wedding day would fly by, and man were they right!!! But Austin and I made sure to soak in every single second. To see our friends and family surrounding us as we got married was one of the most amazing moments of my life. 

It's still so surreal that I got to marry my best friend in a beautiful candy shop, 

I'm so excited to share these photos of the best day of my life!!!!  
Since there are soooo many amazing photos, I'm splitting them up into multiple posts. So today I'm sharing the getting ready photos. 
The above pin I had made (etsy shop score!) to incorporate my dad in our wedding. I also had one made for Austin of his beloved grandfather, who also passed. 
Above is one of my something new (shoes) and something blue (Auburn garter).
 Above was my something old. It was a doily that belonged to my grandmother (my mom's mom).
 Above was my something borrowed. This handkerchief is my aunt's. At every funeral she hands us each a handkerchief of our grandmother (my dad's mom). My cousin used one in her bouquet in her wedding back in March and I decided I wanted to use it as well. It needed some good and happy instead of the sad. 
Wedding Details:
Wedding dress: Michaels Formal Wear
Birdcage veil: etsy shop, Gilded Shadows
Earrings: Kate Spade
Shoes: Steve Madden
Auburn garter: etsy shop, Garters by Bellarosa
Bridesmaids robes: etsy shop, Weddings Etcetera
Personalized hangers: etsy shop, Weddinghanger2015
Specialized photo pin: etsy shop, Designed to Charm

Makeup and hair artists: Cassie Steele and associate 
Photographer: Samantha Eckhaus and associates

*sidenote about my hair and makeup team- Besides the fact that they rocked (!!!) and made us look amazing, they also stayed late to help me fix my dress when I broke on of the clips on it. I can't speak highly enough about these ladies. They are absolutely wonderful and so talented!!!

Guys...... I'm married!!
More to come.
-k. roby


  1. I really like your head/hair piece. So pretty. You looked amazing! :)