Friday, August 5, 2016

Gilmore Girls// list 3

Emily Gilmore is awesome.
 Okay, okay yes she can be a bit much (and rude, hateful, and cold) at times, but she also is such a wonderful and pivotal character. She actually makes valid points a lot of the time, but is just overlooked. 
After my friend Kelly and I talked about it one night after some binge watching, I decided that I would watch this entire series looking for times when Emily should have actually been high-fived (or at least given some credit). 

So here it is, the list of times that Emily Gilmore totally nailed it!

Episode 1, Season 1:
Right off the bat- Emily is standing up for Richard against Lorelai. Yes, Emily is very traditional, but man she has a point…. She had no chance to have a relationship with Rory. And Lorelai needs to calm the hell down. “You’re too proud….”- Yup Emily. She is.

Episode 2, Season 1:
Emily makes fun of Lorelai’s outfit. Kind of amazing. Then reminds her to leave her “spurs at home Friday night”. Love it.

Episode 4, Season 1:
Ok, so Emily is joking about knowing Nazis.  Lorelai should really give her more credit!

Episode 7, Season 1:
Okay so it’s Rory’s first dance. When I use to watch this episode I thought that Emily was just a stick in the mud, but the more I watch it being older the more I realize that she’s just protective (maybe a bit too much) but in this episode she has a point- Dean should have come to the door to pick up Rory. Instead he honks (ummm manners!)

Episode 16, Season 1:
He’s not my type. –Lorelai
Why? Because I like him? - Emily
(I think she nailed it.)

Episode 2, Season 2:
Lorelai tried to apologize and explain that it’s hard to tell Emily things and then asks for her opinion on what type of veil to wear when marrying Max. Emily responds with “Your head is too big for a veil” but then gets emotional and tells her that she should wear a tiara, like she did for her wedding day. Is that a tear I feel coming?

Episode 11, Season 2:
When she made a joke…. That was actually funny!
Are you actually sitting there?- Lorelai
No, it’s a hologram, life like isn’t it? –Emily

Episode 13, Season 2:
Emily tells Rory that if he mother said to not hang out with the boy (Jess) then she should listen to her mother. Wow- trusting that Lorelai is making a good mom move…. Let's just not talk about what she says a few minutes later. ha

Episode 21, Season 2:
Emily goes all out to celebrate Lorelai graduating business school. She has a camera crew, a corsage, and even cries when Lorelai walks. Adorable.

Episode 8, Season 3:
The Gilmores go to Yale. Lorelai gets pissed. Emily sticks up for her husband and makes the point….if she goes to Yale, she’d be close to home. Emily knows how applying to colleges works and tries to tell Lorelai, who is so annoyingly stubborn.

Episode 9, Season 3:
She goes out of her way to go to the Independence Inn to convince Lorelai to join for Thanksgiving dinner. So sweet. And then proceeds to tell Lorelai that she will not accept a doctor’s note, but will need the doctor himself to excuse her… LOVE.

Episode 6, Season 4:
Emily hires Sookie and Lorelai’s catering company for Richard’s launch party and then has to cancel because Jason (Digger) changes the plans. She apologizes and says it would have been the best party she ever threw. So she backed Lorelai and was upset for Lorelai. Sweet!

Episode 21, Season 6:
Emily finally tells Lorelai that she and Richard are looking for a house to buy for she and Luke because while Lorelai’s house is cute, it doesn’t have enough room for Luke and his things, or for kids if they want kids. Then Lorelai breaks down and tells Emily they’re not going to get married and Emily actually doesn’t say anything sarcastic or mean. She just puts her hand on Lorelai’s back to comfort her.

Episode 9, Season 7:
Emily plays back the voicemail that Lorelai leaves for she and Richard letting them know she and Chris got married. Then gives her a hard time about it and how she will never delete it, but treasure it forever. “Hi Mom, we’re back from Paris. We got Gigi all settled and uh……. We, uh… yea… Chris and I got married. Ok see you Friday, bye.” 

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