Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Gilmore Girls// List 1

Okay.... so the very first Gilmore Girl list here on the blog is all about...... are you ready? 

Kirk's jobs. 

For the crazy GG lovers out there you know that he started as another character in Season 1, named Nick. Then he gives Miss Patty a hard time and she claims to not know him.... eventually the show loop hole is closed and we meet and fall in love with quirky Kirk. Then we encounter his crazy long list of jobs that help him save money to try and later buy the Twickham house.... wow can you tell how often I've watched this show? It's a weakness. Sorry not sorry.

So in case you were wondering... this is the long list of Kirk's jobs (44 in case you wanted the number).

Installing DSL…but his name is Nick and he doesn’t know Lorelai…… (E.2, S1)
Delivering Swans to the wedding (and he’s known as “this guy”). (E.3, S.1)
Assistant Manager at Dooses Market- apparently Patty doesn’t know him, but later on she says she’s known him since he was little…hmmm (E.5, S.1)
Flowery Deliverer (E.21, S.1)
(Kind of a stretch…) Tries out to be Lorelai and Max’s wedding photographer. (E.2, S,2)
Worked at the Inn as a server for their medieval themed night where the entire town is invited. (E.10, S.2)
Terminator (E.11. S.2)
Video store clerk (E.12, S.2)
Tires to apply to Carole King’s music store (E.20, S.2)
Creates his own skincare line (Hay There). (E.1, S.3)
Weldon’s Bakery sales clerk (E.9, S.3)
 Beauty Supply Shop (E.12, S.3)
Hockey game announcer (E.15, S.3)
Mailman (e.16, S.3)
Selling t-shirts of topical things happening around town daily (E.17, S.3)
Mold inspector of the Dragon Fly Inn (E.22, S.3)
(Working at the beauty shop again!!!)  (E.1, S.4)
Skydiver for Taylor’s Soda Shoppe Opening (E.1, S.4)
Alarm installer (E.4, S.4)
Kirk’s PediCab (S.4, E.17)
Mail Clerk and Notary (S.4, E. 19)
Doose’s Cashier (S.4, E.21)
DJ for Liz and TJ’s wedding. (S.4, E.21)
Wood checker upper (yea, because I don’t exactly know what he’s doing except checking on the wood floors at the Dragon Fly Inn) (S.4, E.22)
Movie theatre cashier (S.5, E.5)
Giant hot dog (handing out posters for lunch at the Dragon Fly) (S.5, E.6)
Door to door salesmen of Bath and Shower Adhesive Decals (S.5, E.10)
Plays the town whore in the Revolutionary War Reenactment when Lulu gets sick and can’t (S.5, E.11)
Pretends to work for Dragon Fly Inn as a prep cook (S5, E.12)
Pretends to work for Dragon Fly Inn as front desk clerk (S5, E.12)
Selling Goodbye Mr. Twickham souvenirs (S.5, E.18)
Gardener (S.5, E.21)
Tow Trucker (S.5, E.22)
Sells Estate diamond rings (S.6, E.1)
On the board of tourism (S.6, E.6)
Visitor Center salesman (S.6, E.6)
Kirk’s Doggie Day Care (S.6, E.8)
Cashier at Taylor’s Soda Shoppe (S.6, E.13)
Realtor (S.6, E.17 and 18)
Owner of Yummy Bartenders (S.6, E.19)
Hosting retirement parties (S.6, E.20)
Owner and cook of Kirk’s (S.7,E2)
Volunteer delivery man at Grayson’s Flower Shop (S.7, E.14)
Dresses up as a labyrinth/ manitar to talk about the spring fling/hay maze at the town meeting (S.7, E.18)

I wonder how many jobs he'll have in the new season........hmm

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