Tuesday, May 3, 2016

pre-wedding wants

While shopping for decor, invitations, and everything else wedding, I've come across soooo many adorable things. So in typical Kellie fashion (or Rory fashion) I made a list of all the amazing things I've come across that engaged me wants really badly. I mean, it's not such a terrible idea since I have a birthday and a wedding coming up and all...right???
So here is the round up of my wedding wants and wishes!

This awesome headband from ban.do. 

Love, love, love this card!

All such adorable things!!! And as for the stock of perfume smells, I am trying to decide which scent is my favorite so I can have a signature smell for my wedding day. One scent that whenever I wear it I won't think about how I wore it for work, or fancy nights out, or just to make myself feel better, but instead will remind me of the amazing day Austin and I got married.
xo- kel

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