Tuesday, May 10, 2016

bridal weekend

A couple of weekends ago my bridal party, mom, and future in laws planned an amazing bridal weekend. We started Friday with manicures, pedicures and some shopping. Then we made our way up to Savannah for the night for my bachelorette party. It was fantastic (minus me being really sick and not being able to fully participate...). It was the perfect girls' night out with some of my closest girl friends.

Then Sunday was my bridal shower at my soon to be mother in law's shop, Ashes (which by the way is the most amazing place- if you're a local, you HAVE to try it). 
We started our afternoon with a trial make-up run at Bobbi Brown and then headed to the beach for the shower. I have to say, my friends and family are amazing. I have never felt so spoiled and loved. 

 The little personalized items all over the store made it even more special. The notes, the pictures and guest book, the signs, and of course the gold glitter touches everywhere....perfection. 

 Thank you friends and family for going above and beyond for me. I cannot put into words how special I felt and how much I loved having all of you with me for a weekend. 
And to all my friends and family that were there in spirit, thank you! You were truly missed. But I can't wait to see you in July!!!
xoxo, kel


  1. Sounds like a great weekend & the shower looks amazing! They did a great job! :)