Friday, May 5, 2017

29 before 30 (recap)

When I turned 22 I decided to start this whole birthday scrapbook album (and birthday bucket list). A friend suggested the idea to me and I will be forever grateful to her! 
Then I noticed a lot of bloggers did it and I enjoyed seeing theirs and being inspired.

I went back and added some quick pictures of my 20th and 21st birthdays and decided to make this a year thing. So this year, as it comes to a close I started looking back on all the memories and changes this past decade has brought. 
Music and tv show obsessions have changed slightly, friends have come and gone, and even my crafting style has changed dramatically. It's been really fun to reminisce. 
I can't wait to start my 30's scrapbook album now!!!

Here is my 29 before 30 birthday bucket list......
1, Get married and become a Roby. (done)
2. Go on a honeymoon to Disney (done)
3. Go all out in celebrating Kim's 30th (Silly me messed up dates, but I did get to celebrate some with her!)
4. House hunt (has been put on the back burner for now)
5. Work on my summer tan (did last year, still haven't much this year...but I'm counting it as done)
6. Get in shape (so totally did NOT happen)
7. Create at least 1 new blog series (done...can you guess what it was?)
8. Alfred Hitchcock night with Austin (we didn't do a marathon night, but we still watched some)
9. Throw a 20's themed birthday celebration (tonight yall!!!)
10. Read a crap ton of books (done... I think I'm at 38 now)
11. Restart the pen pal group (done, although it was not as successful as I would've liked)
12. So something crrafty with my old family photos (not yet)
13. Get a tattoo with Austin
14. Make and send a postcard (did this as my Thank Yous for our wedding!)
15. Finish my 52 list project (I'm starting to wonder if I will EVER be done with this project)
16. Spa day (went with mom!)
17, Be a mentor and a damn good one (well, I was a mentor.......)
18. Explore my city and blog about it more (done, and can't wait to do more)
19. Cut my hair (done)
20. Get a tire pump (nope) and ride my bike more (done) (So like, half done)
21. Relearn to drive a stick shift (done)
22. Go antique shopping
23. Create photobooks of engagement and wedding pictures (did this for my parents and in-laws)
24. Go to Disney several times (probably close to 10!!!)
25. Make a family tree
26. Murder Mystery Dinner Party
27. Finish binge watching Gilmore Girls (done!) And finish lists for GG (done)
28. Get a pup for Chloe (Luna Padfoot the Wheaton!)
29. Travel

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