Monday, January 2, 2017

2016 reflections

The New Year always seems to be the time when we reflect the most. To be honest, I like the whole idea of a clean slate- a new year- a chance to try out those goals that didn't exactly happen the year before. 
A couple of days ago I also started reflecting on more than just 2016. I went to get a new license (and change my name to my married name!!!) and seeing my IDs right next to each other was kind of nostalgic. The one on the left is the only other picture for the DMV I've taken and was when I first got my license. Flash forward from 15 or 16 to 15 years later when I'm about to hit 30. It's crazy to think of time in that way. (This year also is the 20th anniversary of the Spice Girls getting big in my life.) 
A part of me feels old.... but really I think I just feel accomplished and so very content and happy. I have the teaching job I always wanted, I'm married to an amazing guy, and I have two sweet puppies that I adore. Minus the fact that I would like to lose some weight (more than I'd care to admit in public), I'm happy. 

So many people absolutely hated 2016. And I get it...a lot of crap happened. Too many great people died, including my personal family and famous legends. Our city faced a couple of hurricanes back to back and a lot of people lost homes or businesses. And of course some people are also really upset about the presidential election outcome..... But I had a lot to be thankful for this year too! My cousin got married. Three of our good friends got married. WE GOT MARRIED!!! We honeymooned in Disney! We got a new puppy. And our family reconnected, a prayer I have been praying for the last 20 years, come true. 

I decided that this year I'm not doing "resolutions". I honestly prefer to stick to my birthday goals rather than New Year goals. However, I am trying to stick to the goals I always seems to set (and then not complete): take more photos and document life more! So per usual, I'm trying to make sure to take at least one photo a day (on instagram- find me... I'm kelzify). 

Welp, a lot of rambling. 
A lot of reflections and a lot of ideas floating through this brain of mine. 
So goodnight, friends. 
I wish you all a wonderful and happy New Year! 
So much love, kel

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