Friday, June 23, 2017

links, links, links// v.25

above photo from Disney's Boardwalk!

This adorable shop and it's printable bookmarks and journaling prompt sheets are pretty awesome.

If you're a feminist, or just love girl power (channeling my inner Spice Girl here) then you'll love this site and all of it's inspiration and scrapbooking story telling.

This dress in white just screams summer to me.

This dress is also on my need list.

I cannot wait for this movie to come out!!

I am totally in love with this marble kitchen island!

Okay, this entryway is what home dreams are made of!

I'm pretty much in love with this wall art. And since Austin likes it too (in an ombre theme) I'm hoping to try a version of it soon!!!

May I have one of each of these dresses? Pretty please??

In pinteresting all kinds of homes- I've decided that split level rooms are my favorite currently.... like this gorgeous home. Oh and this home too!
There is a good chance that I will either create a pinterest board for only split level houses or just make a blog post. Haha- but seriously-- that's how much love there is right now.

If you like card games and Pride and Prejudice, come play this with me!! I can't believe this is a thing--but I'm so happy it is.

A notebook perfect for summer!

I love every single one of these DIY shelves. 

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