Friday, June 23, 2017

orlando week (and pandora)

Last week I went down to Orlando for a training for work, so Austin and I took advantage of it and spent the weekend after in Disney. 
Spending a week away from each other may not be a lot, but when you're still in the "honeymoon" phase, it feels like it. So while I really enjoyed myself at the training, I was over the moon to see the husband on Friday!
 I finally stopped Disney Springs (besides just boating through it). It was awesome- especially the creamery!!!
Saturday we tried out the new part of the Animal Kingdom park, Pandora. During the day it was pretty amazing, but at's even more spectacular! I totally recommend it! I also loved the food.... 

 No stop to Disney Springs would be complete without a Sprinkles visit... even if I was full at the time (but eating it in bed was perfection). 
 Remember the Pandora food I was mentioning? Austin and I tried the dessert too (because duh). The above is the Pandora blueberry cheesecake (the inside was purple)! It was interesting....but still good.

Sea World day (with my coworkers!) Such fun- even if it was rainy the whole time!

xoxoxo, kel

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