Wednesday, May 13, 2015

28 before 29

I think one of my favorite holiday traditions is making a fun birthday goal list. I try to make some about health, some about my work life, and the majority about having fun. The only thing that does bother me is that I've never accomplished everything on my lists. But hey- maybe this year.....

So my list for this year (drum roll please, ha!)

1. visit kimmi
2. be a great maid of honor for leigh
3. join a bible study
4. go on a picnic
5. visit a new place (almost always a new goal!)
6. do a new blog series
7. lose weight
8. update birthday scrapbook (it's of every year of my 20's!!)
9. buy a new and nice pair of boots
10. clean out my place and donate
11.start coach potato to 5k
12. go to disney
13. continue to practice/perfect my handwriting
14. wear lipstick more
15. continue to grow as a teacher
16. take more pictures
17. keep trying to save money
18. fine a new series on netflix to binge watch
19. have fun in kickball league
20. spoil my mom
21. take chloe into the beach (not just to the beach(
22. write a book (for real this time)
23. do a paint by numbers
24. start a new art journal
25. make a new friend
26. host a game night
27. try doing a vlog
28. journal more

.....previous years....
27 before 28
26 before 27
25 before 26
24 before 25 and 23 before 24


  1. I have an ongoing bucket list that I try to accomplish over time but I've never made one to accomplish by a certain date. I like the sound of it!

  2. Those sound like doable goals for the year. Good luck, girlie! :)

    Mandie ~