Friday, March 24, 2017

thankful// vol.8

I am thankful.............

for sunny and cool days (the Florida dream).

for living soooooo close to Disney (2.5 hours). 

for my little family and their love. This husband and these puppies of mine are the absolute best.

date nights. They come so infrequently lately, so we make the best of the ones we get.

hugs from my students. It's almost as if they sense when I need them the most.

coworkers that keep me sane.

weekly dinners with my besties. No one makes me laugh like they do.


books, books, books!!! Especially history books. 

blogs. I love following other people's stories. The inspiration is also incredibly amazing.

bible study. These women are so incredibly strong and full of faith. Their love of God is incredible and inspires me constantly.

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