Friday, December 23, 2016

christmas 2016// gingerbread extravaganza

One thing about my city that I love around this time of year is the Gingerbread Extravaganza downtown. My good friend and coworker's mom is in charge of it every year and so we always take our third graders every December. 

It's honestly a great event. They give us a tour of one of the old houses of Jacksonville, owned by the Merrills (and is one of the few surviving houses from the 1901 fire), have a history talk, and then a tour (and scavenger hunt) of all the gingerbread creations. The kids (and we adults) always enjoy it!! 

Here are a few of the gingerbread creations that were my favorite (or made me gasp) from this year!!!!!

 There are always businesses that contribute and make their own gingerbread awesomeness... The one above is by (and of) the Jacksonville American Red Cross building at the beach, 
The one below is by (and for) Chamblin Bookmine (one of my all time favorite places in Jacksonville)!!!
 Then of course, there's a bit of Harry Potter (the above is of Diagon Alley!!)!!
 Ok, I don't know if Diagon Alley or this above gingerbread house of the Griswald House is my favorite. They're both pretty amazing though.
 More Jacksonville (and St. Augustin city) favorites!! The above is our old library and the below is the Lighthouse!!!
 There's also the Peterbrooke chocolate amazingness (above) and the Sweet by Holly confectionery deliciousness (below). Both are some great places in Jax for sweets!

Okay..... so the next picture is a little....graphic (especially for a gingerbread creation) but I had to share it..... it's pretty insane. It's also by the Homebirth organization in town.

I believe today was the last day to explore the Gingerbread Extravaganza, but next year if you live around Jacksonville, you HAVE to visit! 

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