Thursday, June 16, 2016

cohabitation journey/journal

So Austin and I haven't been living together all that long, but the day he moved in, I decided that I needed to make note of it. It's an exciting time (and the next big thing is our wedding next month!!!)
I hope that one day we can look back on this with warmth and laughter.

Day 1: A found out that I gave away one of his paintings...... Oops. Good thin he's not tooooo mad. Just a little.... I think. But seriously, it's an ugly painting.

Day 2: Ohmygosh we have so much stuff. Everywhere. But for once, I'm not bothered by the mess and overcrowdedness (is that a word?). I'm just so happy that A lives here with me now.

Day 3: I jumped out and scared A when he got home tonight from work. I don't think I've ever seen him so scared. But hey, I gotta keep things interesting.

Day 4: We have so many f-ing plates. And cups. OHMYGOSH all the cups!!!

Day 5: Cleaning stuff up and moving things around to today to make this space "our place".

Day 6: Our place is finally coming together to look like a home! It's really awesome.

Day 11: This living together thing is tough. I feel like I'm already failing at being a good finace.

Day 14: I can't find anything. Oye vey with the poodles already.

Day 15: HE ATE THE LAST OF MY BIRTHDAY CAKE LAST NIGHT. This may be his last night alive....

Day 33: Coming home and A being there is one of my favorite all-time things. Although, taking the top of the jeep and heading to the beach on a random Wednesday is also a top favorite.

Day 46: Our conversation on the way to dinner:
Me: PUPPIES!!!! There's a sign for puppies!!! Do you see it?!? Can we stop?!?!?!
A: Why don't we stop on the way home from dinner?
Me: You think you're being clever and that I'll forget about the puppies by then. BUT I WON'T!
2 hours later
Me: Wait- we didn't stop to see the puppies!!! Can we turn around??
And that pretty much sums us up.....

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