Monday, February 8, 2016

what the bbc?

Lately I've been binge watching Netflix shows like you wouldn't believe. I blame it mostly on long days and needing to just relax. In any case, I've been watching a lot of tv....maybe too much... but that's not the point... I realized today though that a good majority of the shows I've been watching are BBC.  British tv was never before my "thing", so how I ended up watching and then loving these shows is a bit beyond me. However, my binge watching self is very happy I've found them. 

A few I've been loving.....
 The first one that I started watching (with Austin) was Copper. It's about an Irish cop (hence the name) in NYC in the 1800s. It's a crime drama, but since it's also a historical piece, I pretty much loved everything about it (except the series ending....).

Ripper Street is the one I am currently watching. Since it has to do with Jack the Ripper, it is a little gruesome, so beware if that's not your thing. However one amazing thing about it....Mr. Darcy (Keira Knightly's Darcy that is) is the main character. I'm only on the beginning of Season 1, but I'm really liking it so far.

Yes, I know another Sherlock show, BUT this one is probably my favorite of all. Benedict Cumberbatch is Sherlock and plays the part amazingly. My bestie Leigh recommended this show to me a while ago, and while it doesn't have a lot of episodes in each season, I'm hoping that they'll keep filming more seasons. PLUS one of the characters in a season is named Stapleton!!! 

Okay... so the last of the serious crime dramas.... The Fall. I really liked this show, even though a lot of times it gave me nightmares. I made Austin watch this one with me for that very reason. It's about a detective that is trying to find a serial killer. We know who the guy is, so most of the time you're just screaming at the tv hoping the characters will hear and actually catch the dang guy. (Yea- I'll go ahead and admit that I'm THAT person....). The thing that bothered me about this show though, is that the serial killer (SPOILER) preys on pretty, young, brunette girls, which is ironic since his character in another show (50 Shades of Gray) preys on this type for his sexual partners..... Just too odd for me, and is still the reason I refuse to watch 50 Shades.

I;m extremely surprised that I enjoyed this show as much as I did. True, it's a period piece and I pretty much eat those up, but it's also less dramatic and reminded me of all those British shows I abhorred. However, I ended up loving the love triangle. 

The Mr. Darcy fan in me made me first read this book and then watch this short mini-series. (No, not redundant- just trying to make it clear how few episodes there are.) In case you're not a Pride and Prejudice crazy like me (and therefore haven't watched and read everything that might have to do with Mr. Darcy).... the show takes place after Darcy and Elizabeth are married and Lydia's scoundrel husband, Wickham is accused of murder. Scandalous, I know!!  Side note, the actress who plays Elizabeth Bennett is also in the next show.....

Another really short series, North and South is about a girl (well woman) is uprooted from South England (where there are lush gardens and nature all around) to the North (where it's mills and smoke in nature's place). She meets a mill owner and hates him, but then of course a love twist begins... I'll let you take a second to figure out how it ends. BUT I still really liked it... go figure.

So have you watched any of these? Or know of any more that I need to see? Please share~!

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  1. My husband LOVES that Sherlock. I've only seen one episode of it & I did really enjoy it. I may have to watch some more. Plus, who wouldn't want more Benedict Cumberbatch in their life, right? :)