Tuesday, February 2, 2016

engagement party....a little late

I can't believe how fast time has gone by since Christmas (okay, actually more like since we got engaged....which is still so surreal!!)!!!! Yea... a lot of !!! One thing that I've had on my to do list and share the wedding details and party plans, but time has gotten away from me. However I feel like if I don't put it here, I'll regret not having it to look back on later. So I'm retroactively posting (and hopefully doing a much better job from here on out).

When we started planning so many people gave us their personal input and what they had learned from their weddings. While I love that people wanted to share their ideas, one thing that stuck was how stressed the planning seemed to get. I know that there is sometimes no getting around that. Money=stress. Nothing new there. BUT Austin and I want to enjoy this time as much as we can. To be honest, he's been my rock- helping me to remember that it will all work out and God is with us on the adventure! But nonetheless it has it's moments.....  I don't intend to just share the good nor do I plan on harping on the bad. Instead, I want to be real about our ventures, but make the biggest deal of all on the positive and wonderful (with the end result being the best....I marry my best friend)!!!!!

So enough of the rambling......

The engagement party!!!!!!!

Since we got engaged the day before Halloween and our dating anniversary is Veteran's Day, I feel like having our engagement party around another holiday was just perfectly us. It also gave us another reason to party and dress up.

I found the cutest invitations for an Ugly Sweater Party on etsy and knew I needed them as our Engagement Party/Ugly Sweater Party invites. They were even more adorable than I had hoped.

Austin's family and mine worked so hard on helping out (my mom even got us an engagement cake)! We had friends from all walks in life (work, growing up, family friends) which just added to the amazing night. We asked for people to just bring a dish or drink (and we supplied the meat) and we ended up having more than enough food without having to break the bank.

This entire experience also showed us that our family and friends are more incredible than we could have imagined! They bent over backwards for us for this event. We are truly blessed.

Some more photos of the night........

xoxoxoxox,  kel

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