Monday, March 31, 2014

baby showers galore

So what's better than having a baby of your own? When your friends have babies. And what's even better than that?? When multiple friends of yours are having babies!!!

 The first shower we had was for our friend Jen. Since it's her second boy, we went with a theme of patterns, blues, greens (especially because the next week was St. Patty's Day), mustaches, and sprinkles of course!!!
 We had the party outside and it the weather was so lovely! We also had an ice cream (with toppings including sprinkles) instead of cake. We filled vases with blue and green candy and topped them off with green mustache straws. We included maternity pictures (that I got to take!!) and posted them everywhere. It was simple and turned out gorgeous!

  This past weekend, we had Lisa's baby shower for baby Mason! Since Lisa is from Boston (and therefore a huge Red Sox fan) we had a baseball themed shower for her.
Everyone made/brought food for this cute shower. Our friend Chelsea made the awesome cake, Jen made the pretzels, we grilled out hamburgers and hotdogs and chicken. We had peanuts in mason jars, and cute Red Sox paraphernalia that Lisa's mom and another girl from our group included. It turned out amazing! (Props to Sarah for going above and beyond on this one!)

 Now- we just need to wait a year or two to have any more kidos, okay gals? hehehe


  1. They both looked VERY nice. However, the baseball themed baby shower put me over the edge - I loved it! If I were to every become pregnant (which is a HUGE "if"), I would like to have something similar to that. This coming from the girl that had her bachelorette party at Miller Park & then a Green Bay Packer themed wedding shower. :)

  2. Oh my goodness- that's awesome! haha - I use to love the Packers, but my exboyfriend is the one that turned me onto them, so I'm not exactly a fan now that we are broken up (but I'm still in love with Aaron Rodgers!)