Tuesday, October 24, 2017

reading shelf

Just about every time I read a book, I seem to find that a million more have been added to my want to read list. (But really, is that a bad problem to have?)
Currently these are the books that I am either reading, just finished, or want to read in the near future. 

1. Before We Were Yours. A tragic story based on real events (which I never knew about!!). The heartbreaking tale is centered around 5 siblings that get kidnapped and put into the Tennessee Orphanage in the 1930's. Their story shares the abuse and unfair adoption process (most kids already had parents and had just been taken from them) that one woman disgustingly got away with for 30 years. I know it sounds awful, but honestly it was a well told and heartwrenching book that I would recommend in a heart beat. 

2. The House I Loved. I read a book of hers previously and loved it (although a completely different subject- it was based during WWII).  This book is based in the 1800's in Paris and is about a woman who is forced to give up her house (along with many other families) to create a more "upscale" Paris. I'm still in the midst of reading it, so I'm note entirely sure how I feel about it.....

3. Everything is Illuminated. Another story based around WWII. I haven't read it yet, but I did already check it out from the library. 

4. The Tudors. Yea, I have a problem. Between WWII and Tudor history, I feel like the biggest nerd (and proud of it). It's an extremely long book, but very detailed about the Tudor reign. It's note told in chronological order though, which bothers me a bit.

5. Happier At Home. Another book on my to read list. I bought it for under $3 on kindle a while back and cannot wait to dive in. I really love this author's previous work, so I'm hoping I feel the same for this one.

6. Maus.https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/15196.Maus_I?from_search=true Our newest book club pick. It's a graphic novel, which I will admit, I have never tried to read before. It centers around WWII (yup, another one) and poses the mice as the Jews and the cats as the nazis. Should be an interesting one. And there is a sequel....

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