Thursday, October 22, 2015

our history

October is one of my favorite months. Ever. 

1- It feels like the real beginning of Fall 
2- It's my pup's birthday month
3- Halloween
4- Speaking of Halloween...I love it all the more now because it's when I met Austin.....

The funny thing is- Halloween isn't actually the first time our paths crossed.

The first time we met was actually several years ago when our mutual friends and the 2 of us went on a ski trip together. Our cabins were pretty far apart from each other, so we didn't see each other very much, however, we did hang out. He barely talked to me though, because I had a boyfriend at the time and according to him was "off limits". I thought he was rude since he barely acknowledged my presence.

But actually, our paths kind of crossed before even that. 

In the 70's both of our moms went to high school together- 492 miles away from where we all now currently live. Without knowing it until Austin and I were dating- it's kind of this amazing, awesome thing. Our families, both from Alabama, both Auburn fans, and both still intertwined by friends and family that know each other (without our having known). 
So Woodlawn, our Moms' high school is where our stories kind of began.

 And Woodlawn is the movie we went to see last week. 
 If you haven't seen it, go see it- it's such a touching and amazing story.

Yea, I know- a tangent. But sometimes it's amazing to see how close we've been this entire time. Some might say cosmic. Some might say fate. But any way you look at it- our relationship is amazing and Austin is the boy I've always prayed for.

nostalgically  yours,

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