Sunday, September 7, 2014

links, links, links

Have you seen the Kid President videos? So totally adorable- I would love him as a student!! Especially this one- Life is tough, but so are you!!!

Okay, these chips look kind of gross to me, how about you?

The 27 club, which is crazy to think about, especially now that I'm 27.

How well do you know the Gilmore Girls Quiz? Because I was in love with that show!

And 16 things you may not have known about Gilmore Girls. I surprised myself actually knowing a few.

And just one more..... All 339 books references in Gilmore Girls.

This blog post has the most gorgeous photos and outfits! The background is beautiful too!

I cannot wait for these products to hit the ABM online shop!!!

All teachers need to read this. I was crying from laughing so hard.

My gorgeous friend has beautiful art for sale, and this one keeps calling my name......

Speaking of art, this idea is pretty awesome. 

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